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Beltaine is one of the most important Celtic festivals held on 1st May to welcome the summer season. It is also a Czech metal band from Pilsen who released the only album “Bohemian Winter” fourteen years ago. A year later a three-song DVD “Lone Video” came out. Prior to these records there was a demo tape “First Scream of Bohemian Winter” from 1998. The band revived earlier this year after a long hiatus and I spoke about their plans with the vocalist Vasek Kudlic.

Vasek, as I mentioned above, Beltaine are back. First let’s go back to the beginning. How did Beltaine form, who was in the band and what music did you want to play?
Back in 1995 I was considering to form a band which would be musically close to doom metal and where I could bring in my interest in paganism. I contacted my friends Honza Strunc (bass) and Karel Suchy (drums) and on New Year’s Eve 1995/96 we drank to our new as yet nameless band. Shortly after that Pepan Kaspar (guitar) joined the band and Beltaine could start to write first songs. A few months later Karel had to leave to serve in the army and was replaced by Jirka Kaspar. Not long before our first gig the second guitarist Ondra “Cmelak” Franek joined us and we were complete. This lineup lasted for several years and also recorded the first demo tape. (more…)

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